Ferrari Drivers of SwedenFerrari Drivers of Sweden

För ferrariägare som gillar att köra




Ferrari Drivers of Sweden

Ferrari Drivers of Sweden since 1995

Ours was not the first Ferrari club to see daylight in Sweden, but a few of us thought it was time for an “owners only” club. We wanted a club where only Ferrari owners where allowed as members and of course you should bring your car to the meetings. Already from the start in Italy we all agreed that we wanted it to be a rather small club with not too many members.

This way it would be easier to get to know everyone in the club rather than a large club with many members who never showed up. It was also very important that our membership fee should be returned to our active members so that we didn’t compile a large heap of money on a bank account. During the years of our club’s life we have lived up to our visions and there have been many memorable gatherings of enthusiastic Ferrari owners.

We’ve driven thousands of miles through Europe as well as Sweden with our members, friends, girlfriends and families. We have gained friends for life through our club and it is this friendship that has characterised our club. Most of us had never met if it had not been for our shared interest in Ferrari cars.

But most important of all we’ve become a group of friends who not only talks about cars but also have fun together.

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Ferrari Drivers of Sweden